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Social media has failed Local Government - from LinkedIn's constant sales spam and vapid 'advice' posts, to Facebook's political bickering and family pictures, there is not a single place online where Local Government professionals can find each other, share, learn, have fun, and network for the Common Good.

The pandemic showed us how important our peer groups can be - and how hard it is to stay connected in a world without water-coolers, higher staff turnover, and fewer in-person events.

We're building a better professional network for Local Government - and hope you join us.

Two safe, easy, free ways you can use Civia today:

(1) The Directory

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We gathered the contact information of Public Sector people in one consistent place (from public online sources) so that you can find and message each other without having to sift through endless, inconsistent Staff Directories or Google searches.

Then we enriched each profile by tagging profiles with Seniority, Region, Sector, Functional Areas and more.

We gathered it all in one place for Public Sector people to access.

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(2) Our GovAI bot

What's an AI bot / assistant?

AI bots are an application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). They are trained on large public datasets of text and then can be used to answer questions, make predictions, and generate new text.

How is GovAI designed to be useful for Public Sector?

GovAI has been trained on publicly-accessible Public Sector and government datasets, and has been tuned to answer questions from your context - your (1) geography/region, (2) sector, (3) seniority, and (4) functional areas.

GovAI includes all of your context to help deliver a tailored response that is as relevant and useful as possible.

Is GovAI safe for me to use?

Yes, GovAI is safe to use for government and Public Sector people - it doesn't use or share your data for training, and it's aware of your sensitive and complex contexts. Finally, it's free to use and doesn't require you to install anything.

We believe AI can play an important role in making the profound and deep knowledge of Public Sector accessible and useful to everyone, and in particular those in disadvantaged circumstances.

Hi, I'm GovAI - your Public Sector assistant.

Ask me anything and I'll answer with your context in mind.

Click a question, then enter your email to and we'll send you an access code to see the response.

Example questions you can ask GovAI, and it will answer from your specific context (region, sector, functional area, etc):

When should we embed procurement agents in Public Works departments vs. centralizing in the main procurement team?
🙋🏽‍♀️ Operational Questions
Which designations do I need if my ambition is to lead a large department?
💼 Career Questions
Summarize our budget proposal for a City Council audience, emphasizing the diversity impact?
✏️ Generative Questions
Brainstorm some ideas for recognizing a retiring member of my team.
🧠 Brainstorming Questions
My colleague got yelled at during a public meeting - can you give me a joke about how Planning can be a thankless job!
😜 Fun Questions

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